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Steel Fabrication with no limits

Slatwater steel works with the customer to design and  build truly unique products. Some of our interesting projects are shown here. Get your imagination going, then call us to help your steel dreams come to life.


Wrought Iron Staircase with Brazillian Walnut treads and risers, powdercoated in black. Albany GA

columbus swift sculpture

I-Beam sculpture 30' Powdercoated I-Beams with 42" Steel Polished Sphere, Columbus GA


asheville stairs

3 Story Steel Staircases for an upscale appartement complex in Asheville, NC.  Complete floating stair system with slim-line landings. The stairs are made with 3/8" flat stringers precisely cut with waterjet. Solid oak treads with open risers. Hot-rolled steel plates were installed on the walls, giving this project a unique and industrial look as well as bullet proof wall protection for frequent furniture movers.

42" Ring Pit with Initial(s)

42" Wave Bowl